Dribs N Drabs is located in Bendigo Victoria.
Enter the Tunnel of Terror
You will be greeted by the weired and wacky friends,  they will take you into our live show of celebrities (impersonators)

Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.
It's great for
Hens night, Birthdays, Break-ups or just a fun night out.

Dont forget to tell everyone to come along.

  • TOXIC TED           Gary Hilson
  • MARYJUANA        Jenny Hilson
  • OPHELIA COX      Debbie Overall
  • LIGHTS                Jess Noden
  • CURTAINS           Caryn Cambell
  • CAST (MALE)       Corey Page, Clay Hilson
  • CAST (FEMALE)   Cindy Hilson,Vashti Lamaro,
                                      Sarah Piper,
  • RATTRESSES      Kelly, Kylie ,Tracey, Caryn
                                     Tracey Page, Caryn Cambell.

      . KITCHEN             Htee Klee, Manner,